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Ice cream Varenna

Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream is our “buttonhole”,  the result of the experience and the collaboration of a Laboratory born in 1958, to offer to our visitors a constantly fresh and high quality ice More »

Piatti caldi

Pasta and More

Not just quick snacks for a fleeting passage, but also the opportunity to enjoy a menu of hot dishes, pasta and specialties of the House to taste in an informal and welcoming More »

American Breakfast Varenna

American Breakfast

For the renowned international connotation of the place where it is, La Cambusa devotes special attention to those which are the typical habits of guests from overseas. This choice, appreciated by the More »

Cupcakes Varenna


If you love the nice cupcakes this is the right place! The Muffins are the sweet specialty of the House, chocolate, vanilla with strawberry jam, orange with Nutella, Amaretto, apricot and many More »

About us…


Varenna “the midpoint of the east coast of Lake of Como”, where past and present merge, here was born “La Cambusa”. Visited every year by thousands of people, its goal is their satisfaction, thanks to a unique panoramic position. Given the proximity to the Ferry and for the satisfaction of all customers, speed of service is our priority. In order to meet the needs of all visitors we have organized to welcome them to “La Cambusa” and also for the Takeaway service. Located just a short walk from the Ferry Boat that connects Varenna to Bellagio and Menaggio, less than five minutes from the Train Station and easily reachable from the Highway 36 Milano-Sondrio.Flanked on one side from the Olivedo Hotel and on the other side from the boat storage and from the beach. Opposite the gardens of the area events.


Somateria Mollissima Varenna

Even this year Varenna can boast the presence of an unusual and welcome guest: the Edredone (Somateria Mollissima), a large sea duck whose natural habitat is the northern coasts of Europe, North America and Siberia. Large groups of passionate photographers and naturalists flock to the small lakeside town not to lose what is known as a wonderful amazing natural spectacle. With its characteristic stout shape and its beak the Edredone is distinguished from those which are the typical water birds of the place. The white and black male is unmistakable, with shades of pink on the chest. The female is a brown bird that is distinguished from all other ducks in size and shape of the head. In 2008-2009-2010-2011 were present in Varenna three males, two specimens to date are still present along the banks of the small village of the Lake Como.

Extra aperitif

Aperitif Varenna

For those who appreciate the rich aperitif we decided to offer an alternative both to the classic than to the typical Happy Hour buffet. Here you can enjoy the Extra Aperitif, rice/pasta, rich variety of appetizers, savory delights and tastes of specialties of the House, which you will be served at the table; in an enchanting frame between water body and mountains, in the exclusive atmosphere of Varenna.

Testing oil olive local

Oil olive

100 ml bottle of Local Extra virgin Olive Oil tasted with bread. Extra virgin Olive Oil D.O.P (Protected Designation of Origin) from olives grown entirely local. Obtained by cold pressing, a mechanical extraction which does not include any chemical treatment. Maximum total acidity 0,1 %. Its characteristic bouquet includes scent of vegetables and green grass, flowery and citrus parfume with a touch of bitter and hot well balanced and with good persistence. The impressive mass of water of the lake and the screen offered by the alpine chain allow a longer growing season which favours the slow maturation of the olives. You will be given a brochure describing the characteristics of this oil.


Lariosauro Varenna

Lariosauro is a cryptid reported to live in Lake Como in Italy, about 30 miles north of Milan. Como is one of the deepest European lakes, at about 410 meters (1200 feet) at the deepest location. In 1946, eye witnesses allegedly reported seeing a reptile-like animal swimming in the waters of the lake. It was called lariosauro, the same name used a century before to name a prehistoric reptile whose fossilized remains were found by the lake (Lariosaurus balsami). A weekly of Como, a week after the first article, wrote it was a sturgeon, but the sturgeon as well as the monster appear to be more simply a hoax invented by the press.
There were other sightings, or alleged sightings, in Lake Como.

In 1954 in Argegno a creature with round muzzle and back and webbed paws.
In August 1957 an enormous monster in the waters between Dongo and Musso.
In September 1957 a strange animal whose head was described as similar to a crocodile head.
In 2003 a giant eel, 10–12 m long, in Lecco.