Many reasons to choose Varenna, characteristic town that is reflected in the Lake of Como and destination of international fame.To make a frame to this timeless place, Villa Monastero now became an international Convention Center and delighted botanical garden. Villa Cipressi built between 1400 and 1800 and the Castle of Vezio that , spiring up on a promontory,overhangs Varenna.And that’s how you can dive into another dimension just off a city like Milan, a dimension full of history and natural beauty.Perched on a creek of great scenic beauty, the small town with its steep alleys is connected to the Ferry dock by the “Passeggiata degli Innamorati”, a “Walk of Love” along the Lake from the ancien village to the Olivedo Gardens where many stalls color the lake front. Here arises “La Cambusa”, from here you reach the beach. After a short walk out of the town you come to the village Fiumelatte where you can find the shortest Italian river (just 250 mt) that flows into the lake raging and white like milk.
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